PLEASE NOTE: Although we will be opening, all classes will also be held via ZOOM for dancers and families not ready to attend physically. 


We understand 100% and will not be upset if you choose to keep your dancer on zoom. We respect your choice and will be here with our doors open when you are ready. 


We ask that all parents go over these rules with their dancers so we are all on the same page.



  1. All dancers should have items in a backpack! NO OVERSIZED DANCE BAGS WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STUDIO. 

  2. Dancers must have their own thermos/water bottles as our drinking fountain will be off limits during the next few months.  

  3. Dancers must bring their own yoga mat or beach towel.

  4. Dancers will also be encouraged to bring their own equipment such as bands, blocks, turn boards and weights. We will have equipment for use at the studio that will be sanitized after each class, but it is highly encouraged to bring your own. 


  1. Please check schedule for entry directions. Some dancers will be asked to go through side door and some will be asked to go in front entry. Their entry will be the same way to exit. 

  2. The studio will be a drop off/pick up only. Parents will NOT be allowed inside studio at this time. 

  3. All dancers and staff will have their temperature checked upon entering the studio.

  4. Hand sanitizer will be used at the beginning and end of each class. 

  5. Late pick up fees of $5 will be added to accounts if dancers are waiting at the studio longer than 15 minutes. Please understand we would like to ensure the safety of all dancers. To help us, we ask that students be dropped off and picked up at their appropriate times.



If your dancer has a 15 minute break between classes and still at the the studio- late pick up fees will NOT be applied. 

If your dancer has an hour break between classes and still at the the studio  - late pick up fees WILL be applied. 


We cannot make any accommodations during this time. 



  1. Staff and dancers will be asked to wear a mask when walking into the studio and waiting between classes. Mask will not be enforced to be worn during classes as this could be very dangerous. Therefore mask will be optional. 





  1. All dancers will be given a spot to dance on/in and will be asked to stay in their spots to maintain social distancing. 

  2. Our camps/classes will keep dancers inside one room for the duration of the class. 

  3. Breaks between classes will be used to sanitize and prep for the next class. If your child is staying for the multiple class they will be asked to sit in a designated area to maintain social distancing. 

  4. Dancers will be asked to continue social distancing while at the studio. During this time no hugs, hand holding or sitting near each other will be allowed. This is to ensure the safety of all dancers and staff. 

  5. We know students love hugging teachers after class but we will ask no dancers hug staff members.



  1. Dancer locker room will be CLOSED until further notice. Therefore dancers will be instructed to keep dance bags in designated rooms with them. 

  2. No snacks or food will be allowed inside the studio. Please makes sure dancers are fed before and after classes. 

  3. Our prize box and RDC bucks will be put on hold until further notice. 

  4. Stickers will be put on a name chart for dancers in Tutu Tots, Dancing Divas & Rising stars to avoid personal contact. 



Summer 2020 Prices 

Technique Camps - $100 per student 


Pre-Company Work Out Fridays - $50 per student per month.

Taking a technique camp & attending pre-company work out Fridays? Add $25 for unlimited classes ALL WEEK!


Rising Stars Camp - $65 per student 


Regular Tuition Prices will be back starting June 2020 whether online or in studio. 

1 Class: $45
2 Classes: $80
3 Classes: $115
4 Classes: $140
5 Classes: $165
6 Classes: $190
Unlimited: $200 

We are hoping to do Booty camps, Princess camps, & more come July 2020!




  1. All payments will still be accepted online without any additional fees. 

  2. We will continue to have NO late fees for the month of June as we get the studio back in order. 

  3. Any cash or checks must be sent with dancer in an envelope with their first and last name on it. 


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